Meet The Practitioners

Nancy Barrientos

LPN, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Efren Barrientos, PT

 Physical Therapist, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, is here to help you on your health journey.

About Efren

I was 53, coming up to  54 years old. I thought of myself as healthy for my age. Yet I suffered from chronic fatigue, constipation, muscle and joint pains, diagnosed with degenerative disc disease- thus chronic low back pain. The previous 4 to 5 years, I had  been suffering with severe canker sores, which no one could seem to help me with; I was also in denial of my evolving prostate issues, attributing all to "just getting  old".   These  were my major symptoms.  There were many other minor symptoms that  I never even considered as issues and much less nutritional deficiencies.

Late in  2013, I went to Palmer Natural Health in Longwood, Fla. I was assessed and placed on a Nutrition Response Testing Program. Slowly, but gradually my symptoms all started to resolve. Within 7 months my back pain had resolved, and many of my other symptoms were resolved as well. I was so pleased and exited about my  health changes (and so was my wife) that we decided to get a Certification in Nutrition Response Testing.  I completed the Advanced Clinical Training  in April, 2017.  I am equipped to handle, which means effectively support any human body, that walks through True Natural Health's doors. I have been blessed with amazing health and  when a person has knowledge and understanding, it must be shared. So God moved  me and my wife to Round Rock, Texas.  I am here to share and bring health to this great community.

In terms  of my health today, I enjoy running 10-15 miles per week, working out, no aches/pains,  awesome  energy, good sleep, no signs of canker sores, totally resolved prostate issues, and good bowel function. Enjoying this health allowed me to finish a Spartan race in May of 2018.

 My encouragement to all who have any symptoms: come see me at True Natural Health.