Meet The Practitioners

Nancy Barrientos, LPN

LPN, Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, is here to help help you on your health journey.

About Nancy

My health journey started out as many others.  I was sick, but the only answers I received from my doctors was more medications.  The medical field that I had been working in for 22 years just said that I needed Ambien for sleep, thyroid medication for hypothyroidism, antidepressant meds, and any other medication deemed appropriate for a failing body.  I suffered from a list of symptoms, including , but not limited to joint pains, muscle pains, severe fatigue, poor sleep,, anxiety, and the list goes on. But again, no answers from my doctors except more medications. 

I was also severely addicted to sugar and any form of carbs, I had no idea what  real food was, and obviously, my body was screaming for it. 

When I hit bottom in ICU  with MRSA, I knew I had to change the direction my life was going. So, My husband and I went to a local health food store, was tested on an electrical device for the exact supplements we needed, and bought hundreds of dollars worth of synthetic supplements  that only made me severely ill. In my continued search and with the help of Stephanie, my niece, I found Sojaila, a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. Within the month I felt better, and within the year, I was off ALL medications. I was off sugar, and my health has dramatically turned around.

Today I enjoy a renewed sense of aliveness and wellbeing. I have been blessed with the gift of becoming an Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. I have the great honor in helping others on their health journey. 

My encouragement to you that deal with any health issue or concern and want real answers,  reach out to me at True Natural Health.

Efren Barrientos, PT

 Physical Therapist, Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, is here to help you on your health journey.

About Efren

I was 53, coming up to  54 years old. I thought of myself as healthy for my age. Yet I suffered from chronic fatigue, constipation, muscle and joint pains, diagnosed with degenerative disc disease- thus chronic low back pain. The previous 4 to 5 years, I had  been suffering with severe canker sores, which no one could seem to help me with; I was also in denial of my evolving prostate issues, attributing all to "just getting  old".   These  were my major symptoms.  There were many other minor symptoms that  I never even considered as issues and much less nutritional deficiencies.

Late in  2013, I went to Palmer Natural Health in Longwood, Fla. I was assessed and placed on a Nutrition Response Testing Program. Slowly, but gradually my symptoms all started to resolve. Within 7 months my back pain had resolved, and many of my other symptoms were resolved as well. I was so pleased and exited about my  health changes (and so was my wife) that we decided to get a Certification in Nutrition Response Testing.  I completed the Advanced Clinical Training  in April, 2017.  I am equipped to handle, which means effectively support any human body, that walks through True Natural Health's doors. I have been blessed with amazing health and  when a person has knowledge and understanding, it must be shared. So God moved  me and my wife to Round Rock, Texas.  I am here to share and bring health to this great community.

In terms  of my health today, I enjoy running 10-15 miles per week, working out, no aches/pains,  awesome  energy, good sleep, no signs of canker sores, totally resolved prostate issues, and good bowel function. Enjoying this health allowed me to finish a Spartan race in May of 2018.

 My encouragement to all who have any symptoms: come see me at True Natural Health.