About Us

Begin Your Journey Back to Natural Health!

If you’re currently experiencing ill health, especially a chronic problem, you may be frustrated or concerned with finding answers and solutions. 

If you are like many people that come to us for help:

  • You may have health conditions that won’t go away, or can’t seem to lose weight, no matter how well you eat.
  • You own a big box or bag full of supplements that haven’t worked, or stopped working.
  • You’ve seen many doctors, or even alternative practitioners, but have not found effective or lasting solutions.
  • Your career, finances, family and social life suffer because of your condition.
  • You suspect that you have not discovered the real cause of your condition and you won’t feel better until you do. 

Consider that you are an individual and you need individual care to determine what’s right for you.  Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive method of determining the underlying causes of your condition. Using feedback from your body, Nutrition Response Testing reliably and consistently detects the source of your ill or non-optimum health and indicates nutritional deficiencies. 

As a new patient you will be evaluated from head to toe. You’ll love our gentle care. We administer a non-invasive health evaluation method. You will never have to be fearful of needles, drugs or surgery. Your health is a team effort. Each practitioner becomes familiar with your program and communicates with each other so you’ll never have to repeat information.